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Aussie Automotive Magazines

Thursday, 4th December 2014

Everyone needs a bit of light reading sometimes. Especially when the reading material comes with entertainment. A survey on Arts and Culture in Australia in 2006 revealed that 61% of Australian stated reading was a favourite hobby. The studies found that people favoured reading magazines rather than picking up a novel. This may be due to the busy and time consuming lives we lead, which makes it hard to enjoy a long book. Or perhaps it has more to do with content and entertainment- Articles, tips, posters and news.

Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that Australians love their magazines. And luckily, no matter what you’re interested in, you can find a magazine for you in any Australian News Agency.

So let’s take a look at the most popular Aussie magazines in the automotive category.


Top Gear Australia is by far the most popular magazine on social media with over 300 000 likes on Facebook. This magazine is great because it is an all-rounder and is not specific to a type or brand of car. It is also not entirely about the Australian car industry.  Top Gear Australia Magazine is derived from the British Top Gear and covers the major articles from the TV series and the British magazine. However, Top Gear Australia uses a few Australian motoring journalists, making it a proud staple in the Australian Automotive magazine category.
Street Machine began printing in the 1070’s. This magazine is another all-rounder mag which gives its readers interesting articles, reviews, reader letters, posters and more. The magazines focuses mainly on muscle cars and mods in the Australian and USA market, but will throw in a few curve balls every now and then.
Wheels kicked off in Australia in 1953. Since then, the Aussie mag has spread over an international market. The magazine covers a wide range of topics and cars ranging from sports models to 4x4’s and is favoured for its diversity.
Motor- Wheels brother magazine. Motor is published by the same company but is a little bit different than Wheels. Motor focuses on performance cars. Motor offers ‘best performance cars’ segments and covers many fancy performance car events across the globe.


Australian Muscle Cars Magazine is more specific to the Australian market then the previous ‘all rounder’ mags. This magazine has only been around for a few years but is well known for its impressive posters which hang on the walls of every gear-head. The mag also covers articles, reader letters, events and event reviews.
Never mind the ongoing Holden vs Ford debate. The magazine industry has catered to all preferences.
Street Commodore- Australians bestselling commodore mag! The magazine covers the Australian commodore car scene, events, offers technical tips and techniques and more. This is perfect for those who are involved in Commodore communities.
Street Ford- Likewise to the commodore magazine, Ford also have a unique Ford magazine for all you Ford lovers. This magazine is not specific to the loved Flacon but showcases many classic muscle cars along with a variety of Ford lover goodies such as local news, events, posters, technical tips and techniques.
Performance imports- This magazine is for all the sport car lovers. Much like the niche market magazines above (Commodore and Ford), this mag is specific to performance cars in the Australian markets and Japanese imports. The magazines offers latest news, reviews and releases across the globe covered by some respected Aussie automotive journalists.
Hot4s- This magazine is mostly popular for two things. Modified Cars and Girls. The magazine has been around for about 20 years and has kept its popularity in Australia by offering great posters, culture, fashion and trends. This magazine is more popular among the younger generations.


Survivor cars- This magazine is great for those who treasure a bit of nostalgia. Survivor cars prides itself on showcasing rare ‘old school’ cars that have been found and restored. The magazine is specific to the Australian Market and encourages its readers to submit their classified ads, includes a lot of reader letters and articles/reviews.

Just Auto is an auto trader network which offers a separate classifieds magazine for a variety of different categories. Just cars, Just bikes, Just 4x4s, Just trucks, Just parts, etc.

The magazines also offer reviews and local events. These magazines are great if you are looking to buy, sell, trade or if you are after some local events and information.


Live to Ride- Live to Ride is an Australian motorbike Magazine. Although the magazine covers a range of bikes, the most consistent and most popular bike showcased is the Harley Davidson. Although not specifically owned by HD, the magazine is seen as an important marketing tool for the Harley Davidson Company. You can trust this magazine to give you very accurate information on upcoming releases, reviews, articles, great posters and national events.
Oz bike- Oz Bike is about as Aussie as you can get.  Although some of the larger mag shops might not stock Oz Bikes, the majority do. And this is because it hits home- Australia’s original and longest running custom bike magazine. The mag is popular for its Aussie girls on the cover but also offers local news, product releases in Australia, events and posters.

No matter what you’re into, Australian Magazine industry has you covered. Much like our products do!