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Xmas Gift Ideas

Wednesday, 10th December 2014

Stuck on ideas for Christmas presents?
We have collected a few perfect gift ideas for you!

A clean cut and shave

It’s not just the women who enjoy pampering. Men love it too! Getting a nice new haircut or a barber close shave always makes for a great gift. They will come out of the barber fresh and smelling good. Alternatively, Barbers also sell good products. Perfect for those men with impressive moustaches or hearty beards.



We all have pride in the things we love, and this is why merchandise is such a brilliant idea. Are they a car lover? How about some automotive brands merchandise? You can get almost anything in merchandise from key chains and t-Shirts to branded boots and shaving kits! How about getting a Harley- Davidson jacket? Original Mercedes pocket knife? Or for the truckie, a leather bound Kenworth Log book? Every brand has a variety of merchandise! Here’s an example.


Gift Packs

Giving someone a whole set of something they love is always a good gift. Especially when it is a product or brand that they use often. This gift is thoughtful and veryuseful. The best part about it, is that you can really get creative with the gift wrapping too! Visit our shop to make your own gift pack with the California Custom Products. You can also find our products at our Stockists.



Tools are one of those things in life that you need on a regular basis. Whether it be because they keep getting lost, worn down, rusted or broken. Everyone has those moments when the only socket size you need, is the only one missing from the box!  You can find some good and fairly cheap tool sets in places like Autobarn, Autopro and Repco. 



Pretty much anything to do with fishing is a good idea. New fishing gear, a day of deep sea fishing or a visit to a fishing farm. Any chance or excuse to get away for a day and go fishing will be greatly appreciated. Sometimes, fishing is more fun when you have company, so why not get one for yourself too?


The gift of a shiny car!

Sometimes, getting a car washed and detailed can be either costly or very time consuming. You could create your own gift voucher and do it yourself, or pay for a professional detailer. Either way, this is one gift which is sure to be appreciated.