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Polished 1944 DC 3 Aircraft

I recently bought a 1944 DC 3 aircraft. It is bare aluminium except for a small stripe of paint. The problem is that the surface was dull and listless and we needed a metal polish that would do the job and restore her to her former glory. You can see from the photographs how well the Purple Metal Polish worked.

We look after 50 aircraft and whilst they are not bare aluminium like the DC3, they are all using your polish for those areas that are - such as the jet engine intakes.

The product is excellent and easy to apply and I recommend it to anyone that needs a highly polished finish.


The pilot on the right is Captain John Dorward - ex Chief Pilot of Ansett and Check and Training Captain on the DC 3. The pilot on the left is Captain Jim Duff - ex Ansett Captain.

1944 DC Before

1944 DC After


Here is a picture of my Kenworth and trailers. As you can see it has lots of Alloy and Chrome to maintain, that’s where the Purple Metal Polish comes into its own. It is quick and easy to use and the shine is amazing. I also love using the M-Ron Glass on the paintwork and your LVC on the button upholstery, it really comes up nice and glossy without leaving it greasy.    

Robin Brown


Kenworth truck and trailers

Motorcycle cleaning products that promise miracles usually fail to deliver, but not California Custom.

The sole importers and wholesale distributors of California Custom cleaning products in Australia for the past 20 years recently sent me several products to test at just the right time.

My usually pristine Triumph Bonneville T100 was looking very second-hand after I took it for a ride down some rough dirt tracks. However, it has now come up a treat, thanks to California Custom products which genuinely seem to work as promised.

Read the Full Article here:


California Custom products used

At Trev's Pro Street Panels we build, rebuild and detail all classes of vehicles from Vintage, Customs & Classics to Hot Rods. Many of these have been and are car show award winners from panel and paint to overall class and show winners. We have been using California Custom products for a number of years now and would recommend them to all motoring enthusiasts, even if you're not into show cars. Their applications are endless and the results outstanding.

Thanks Trevor


Trev's Pro Street car one

Pro Street car two

Trev's Pro Street car three

Hi my names dale. I spoke to you regarding trying to restore my old tinnie back in mid may, thank you for sending me another bottle. It come in handy and the results came up trumps with a series of buffing wheels and purple polish. Like you can see it’s an old boat been sitting in back paddock for some time but for my sons first boat it will do the trick. Great results, purple polish. I am a fan.



Tinny before purple polish

Tinny after purple polish

Tinny after purple polish

After finishing the regular showing of our Willys Hot Rods we sort of stopped polishing the paint, alloy, chrome and stainless for a few years till the 1st Australian Willys Nationals came along in 2012. It was then all hands on deck to get everything up to scratch and nice and shiny again. Using the Aluminium Deoxodizer and Purple Metal polish worked a treat on all the shiny bits and the M-Ron polishes brought the paint back up to its former perfect finish. We can't speak highly enough of these products.

Regards Graham & Glenys



Pickup truck

California Custom Products user, Maree, recently polished up her kitchen with our Purple Metal Polish on her splashback. She used other brand name stainless steel cleaner products, none of which worked. She then decided to use Purple Metal Polish and was delighted with the finish. Brilliant shine!



Splashback result with purple metal polish

Splashback result with purple metal polish wide

WELD RACING wheels, dated 03/00 so over 15 years old now, hand polish with Purple Metal polish. There is no substitute. A+!!! Easy to use, not hard work, only used armor-all on tyres at this stage. No powered polisher used, just by hand with foam applicator! It is a little dearer to purchase, however goes along way, so excellent value for money. Love you guys!

Max Wedge


WELD racing wheels cleaned with purple metal polish

WELD racing wheels cleaned with purple metal polish

Hey guys just thought I'd send a before and after photo of the truck I drive. I polished all the aluminium fuel tanks, rims and bullbar with deoxidiser and purple and they came up a treat!! Not bad for a 5 year old truck that spends quite a lot of time on dirt roads in the bush!!

Shaun Bowie


Before and after polishing aluminium fuel tanks, rims and bullbar

M- Ron Glass was great and easy. I have used other products and you had to do them in the shade on a cool day. Did M-Ron Glass on 25 degree day in the sun, let it set for 15 minutes and came off a treat. I was shocked to how different it worked and how it came out best I've used so far.



M-Ron glass results back

M-Ron glass results front


I have used the Purple Metal polish for many years and have found it excellent for the plated exhaust systems and aluminium casings on my classic motorcycles. The polish is very easy to apply and requires a minimum of effort to produce a clean and polished surface. I find that after a surface has been thoroughly polished it only requires a minimum of attention to repolish surfaces after some months of weathering and oxidation.

Recently I was able to try the M-Ron Glass polish on the paint work not only on my motorcycles but also my 1928 Ford Model A. The polish was very easy to use and the finish was equal to any other polish that I have used.

I have included photographs of my 1951 350 Ariel motorcycle and the Model A Ford. Both have been cleaned and polished with the California Custom products.

Yours sincerely,

John Moorehead
Perth WA



Vintage car


I recently purchased the California Custom - M-Ron Glass product as a special order from your Autobarn store at Albion Park.

I’d just like to say how impressed I am with this product. My motorbike has never shined so much! The product is so easy to use, with absolutely no streaking.

Along with the Purple Polish I would recommend both of these products for anyone wanting the best polished finish on their vehicle, whether car or bike.

Attached is a photo of my bike, it is 16years old with 80ks on it.




Purple polish on motorbike

I’ve spent 3 years restoring my 1959 Renault Floride Cabrolet to  showroom quality and to keep it in tip top condition I only use one brand of car care waxes and polish. California Custom Products are the best I have tried and are also easy to use, requiring just a gentle application to be effective, no harsh polishing.

It can be a challenge owning a car with lots of chrome and show quality paintwork as it needs a lot of attention to keep it looking its best,  I insist on California Custom products because they save me much work which leaves me more time to enjoy the car.

The M-Ron Glass and  Spray Shine gives  my paintwork a deep lustre and silky smooth feel while the leather and vinyl conditioner keeps the upholstery like new, I even use it on the tyres and engine hoses and door rubbers.

Gerard Belanger


Blue renault


Have been using Purple for a few years and the Spray Shine detailer since purchasing my BMW a few months ago.

Have just given her the once over with M-Ron Deep Clean and am staggered at the results.

Original 20 year old paint and probably not well looked after for much of it's life and it now looks sensational!

Thank you for the service, cant wait to try the rest of the range now.


Geoff Bishop
Geraldton WA
1991 BMW 325i Sport


BMW polish

Fantastic, thank you

I have used lots of different polishes in my time and would highly recommend the California Custom range of products to any car lover.

I am over the moon with how easy M-Ron Glass and M-Ron Deep clean is to use and the results are amazing. My VZ  R8 Clubsport couldn't have come up  any better…..

Thanks Guys!

Mt Gambier  


Club sport results right side

Club sport results left side

To you all at California Custom Products, just thank you for making my life so much easier with your Purple metal polish and the Aluminium Deoxidiser, I use them on all the stainless steel work. As Master and Engineer of a 70ft Monte Fino I have saved hours of time with these products.

John Allison
Hamilton Is


I recently purchased a Jayco Motorhome which had an alloy bulbar fitted. It looked as though it hadn’t been polished for ages, it was dull and lifeless.

My neighbour gave me a bottle of your Purple Metal Polish to try and I couldn’t believe shine I achieved with very little effort. It now looks brand new and we get comments about the shine on our Motorhome everywhere we go.

I also use the M-Ron Glass for all the paintwork,fibreglass and windows and found it an amazing product as well. It is so easy now to keep our Motorhome gleaming. Thankyou for these great products.

Donny & Marie
Boyland, Qld


Jayoc motorhome results

Dear Kevin,

I was talking to you some weeks ago and said I'd send you photos of my Springers. I've been using your products since the early 90's on my old Triumphs and my Harleys. I use your Purple Metal Polish and Hi-Tech metal Deoxidizer, M-Ron Deep Clean and M-Ron Glass on my paintwork, LVC-Leather and Vinyl Conditioner and Spray Shine, a super quick spray and wipe wax. I only use your products on my bikes.

When I show my bikes at various bike shows, people always ask me what I use to clean them.  The condition of my bikes is better now than when I rode them out of the dealers on the day I bought them.  I have collected many trophies for best bike and best paint job.  I believe your products have helped me win these trophies.

I have been given other products to use and I've tried them, but they have never come up to the standard of California Custom.  I am extremely fussy with my bikes and really appreciate cleaning products that do what they say they will do.

Thanks for making your products.

Bill Williamson


Williamson Harley red

Williamson Harley black

Tried everything else to get the baked on carbon residue from my tail pipes on my HSV Grange. Bloke in the shop just laughed when I was crying to him for help and handed me a bottle of Purple. With no where near as much effort as I thought would be involved the pipes were sparkling in no time. Now it's just a quick wipe every wash day and they are as good as new. Stop reading this and go buy some!

Noel Pickering


Before exhaust cleaning

After exhaust cleaning

I have been using your Purple Polish for many years and always found it great to use with excellent results. Just recently I stumbled across a polish made by your company called M-RON Glass. I was so impressed with the results on my 2 XR Falcons that I had to try the M-RON Deep Clean on my old 1985 XF model S/pack wagon. I must say I am over the moon with the results I have achieved using your products with very little effort. Keep up the good work, your products speak for themselves.

Rob Brown
Jimboomba Qld


XR Falcons

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sending me the Purple Metal Polish. I’ve been using it the last couple of weeks and can’t fault it. It certainly brings up the chrome well and improved the alloy rims immediately but the thing that impressed me most was how it cleaned up some heavy staining on the chrome mufflers. I will certainly continue using it, it’s a great product.

Tony Tscharke – Owner/ Operator
Barossa Trike Tours


Barossa Trike

I have been using your products for years now on all my vehicles and I also use them in my business. I own and operate Advanced Aussie Blinds and Awnings and have had outstanding results using the M-Ron Glass to clean and maintain the clear awnings we sell. The photo is of our Winnebago which of course is polished up with California Custom products. It's so easy to keep her looking like new using your products.

Dave Thompson
Port Macquarie, NSW




We are the largest importers of Dodge Rams and Cadillac Escalades in Australia, we use M-RON glass on all our new vehicles prior to delivery to ensure a great finish for our clients, it is extremely easy to use, and last well even on our demo that goes to all the country shows, this is the best polish I have ever used ,the Purple polish we use for the 4 inch steps, sports bars, nudge bars and wheels, it is super easy to use and shine the alloy with minimal rubbing awesome.


Salstrip Ultimate Vehicles

We have been using M-Ron Glass on the Calais since we discovered the product a few years ago. The Calais is an 8 year old car and by looking at the reflection on the paintwork, you'd think the car just rolled out of the showroom floor.

I don't know why I keep all the old Kitten car polishes and Maguires products stored in the garage. Probably to remind me of how much elbow grease I wasted in my youth on all my previous cars.

We call this product our magic potion. We cover everything from the glass, duco, plastic trims, chrome to the alloy wheels. A little goes a long way with a moist sponge and an old t-shirt. You get a clean, wax and polish in one go. It removes swirl marks and the car beads when water is sprayed onto it, or it rains. We have not washed this car the traditional way for over 4 years. Have another look, why would you?

We highly recommend it to anyone who loves their car looking a million bucks.

Keep up the good work.


Bill Zervas


Calais front

Calais back

Hi Kevin,

This is a shot of my 1927 Rex Acme TT Racer in action at the Lobethal Grand Carnival in Oct 08.

Due to problems with carburation the nickle plated exhaust header pipe took a real hiding but after only 10 minutes using Purple Metal Polish and little effort the results can only be described as STAGGERING!! I now realise that all the other polishes around are in the dark ages! This is the reason I want to keep your products in stock here at Birdwood Motorcycle Engineering S.A. The the one and only Metal Polish ... Purple!

Best wishes
Martyn Adams


1927 rex acme before Purple Polish application

1927 rex acme after Purple Polish application

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your time yesterday, advising me of your local distributors of the Purple Metal Polish.

I have attached a photo of the new 30m super yacht that I am the Captain of. As you can see in the photo the S/steel rails are sparkling in the sunshine due to the Purple Polish.

I have been using the product for about 5 years now on various vessels that I have been in charge of, and have found it to be by far the best and longest lasting in a marine environment which is extremely hard on all metal fittings.

Once again thanks for your time and I will definitely continue to use your product.

Peter Donohue.
Captain M. V. Maximus.


M. V. Maximus

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know how wrapped I am in your great products. I can't believe how little time and effort it takes to achieve such a killer shine. I love using your Purple Metal Polish and the M-Ron Glass makes my paintwork shine like nothing else. I take a lot of pride in my cars and bikes, the favourite being my ZI 900. I have used lots of different products over the years and none of them are as easy to use and give the results that your products do. Like it says on the bottle,Caution, results may be addictive!! They sure are.

Jim Brutsche


Kawasaki Purple Metal Polish and M-Ron Glass


My name is Michael Bagnato, and I work for a truck and earthmoving equipment dealership. After working in the automotive and trucking industry for some time I have used several different types and brands of automotive application cleaning and polishing products in the past, but nothing even comes close to the quality of the finish after using California Custom products. They are efficient and easy products to use, just simply wipe on let it sit and dust off. It can even be applied in direct sun light. I have used M-RON GLASS now for some time on my white 4x4 Toyota Hilux and get fantastic results, giving the 17 year old paint a great new looking, long lasting shine.

When I purchased a new black Holden VE Commodore SSV Ute, I did not hesitate and continued to use M-RON GLASS. Even though it’s hard to find products that work well on black paint without leaving marks or swirls, once again I was a amazed with how much it actually brought out more shine in the already factory new car paint condition. The LEATHER VINYL CONDITIONER works great on maintaining the condition of the leather seats and tonneau cover, and PURPLE METAL POLISH puts a sparkle in the chrome exhaust tips.

I will continue to use California Custom products and strongly recommend them to new customers and anyone who takes pride in their toys and want to keep them in new and pristine condition. Please see attached pictures of my own cars and a customer’s truck that now uses California Custom Products. Fantastic products, keep up the good work!

Michael Bagnato


VE Holden Ute

Kalari Rig

I have been using M-Ron Glass for a few years now. Excellent product! I have used it (and still do) on the trucks I drive as well as my own personal cars. I have never come across a product that is so easy to apply and produces such remarkable results.

I love the lift M-Ron Glass gives to the finish of my recently restored 1934 Chevy Roadster (pictured).

Steve Williams
Sydney, Australia


1934 Chevy Roadster

Dear CC

Just wanted to say thanks for sending me your awesome product that i purchased recently. Not sure if you are aware of this but it even gets rid of bore water calcium deposits from glass! I tried everything to shift that stuff - vinegar, CLR, oven cleaner, bathroom cleaners etc and the only thing that removed it was purple polish (and a buffing attachment to my drill)

I've just done a quick write up on our forum here:


Many thanks once again. It's nice having clean windows! 




Hi Kev

Just sending a pic of my 1999 fatboy to tell you and everybody else how good the Purple Metal Polish is.I could not believe how well this polish works. I was very wary on using a new product but after using it I was sold on it.The results speak for its self, just an absolute brilliant shine and finish and so easy to use. For all you Harley owners I fully endorse this product to use on chrome work, excellent product.

Craig Shelswell
Roma Qld


1999 Fatboy Harley

Hi Kevin

Here is a picture of my truck that I polish and maintain with your California Custom Products. Love using your products.




Ordered your M-Ron online and used it on the 'mechanical gorilla' with fantastic results.... so fantastic I washed my 10 year old black Rodeo and then proceeded to polish it. Now this is it's FIRST EVER polish and I'm not a big fan of polishing cars..... but the ease of application made it almost enjoyable. The finish was of an unbelievable standard and shine........ this is the new 'bananas in the diff' trick prior to selling a car......it is that good at hiding the sins of the past this stuff should be illegal !!!!!

Robert Shannan


Mechanical gorilla front

Mechanical gorilla back

Hi there I won the competition you had for your polish. Very happy with it. User friendly too. Polished the rodeo and the Lancer. Just a couple of pictures after using your product. Thank you.

David Francis



Rodeo back

Rodeo front

Rodeo and lancer

Jason sent us a photo of his newly polished rims. He had a bit of time up his sleeve on a Wednesday afternoon, so he got our Purple Polish out for a bit of a Shine Up on his truck.


Truck rims

I came across the M-Ron Glass for the first time and was amazed at the results. I don't usually use professional grade products, but I was recommended the product so I gave it a go. The wax finish was so deep and lustrous on the black paint. My GT-R 32 has never looked so good! Very impressive.




I took your product an reviewed it on a Nissan Navara forum, gee the other Reviews are good! Thanks for making a ripper product.



Nissan Navara